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Main commands


/closeall - close all whispers.

/ignoreall - add all whispers to ignore list.

/msg NICK text, /whisper NICK text, /w NICK text - send whisper message to nick.

/query NICK, /q NICK - open new whisper tab for nick.


/target NICK - select nick as target. Can be monster or player nick.

/outfit N - wear outfit number N.

/emote N - use emotion number N.

/away, /away MSG - set away mode.

/follow NICK - start follow mode.

/imitation NICK - start imitation mode.

/heal NICK - heal nick.

/move X Y - move to X,Y position in short distance.

/navigate x y - move to position x,y in current map in any distance.

/mail NICK MSG - send offline message to NICK. Working only in tmw server.

/disconnect - quick disconnect from server.


/trade NICK - start trade with nick.

/priceload - load shop price from disc.

/pricesave - save shop price to dist.

Player relations

/ignore NICK - add nick to ignore list.

/unignore NICK - Remove nick from ignore list.

/friend NICK, /befriend NICK - add nick to friends list.

/disregard NICK - add nick to disregarded list.

/neutral NICK - add nick to neutral relation list.

/erase NICK - add nick to erased list.

/clear - clear current chat tab.

/createparty NAME - create party with selected name.

/me text - send text to chat as /me command in irc.


/who - print online players number to chat.

/all - show visible beings list in debug tab.

/where - print current player position to chat.

/cacheinfo - show text cache info.